Fergie’s ex-husband, Josh Duhamel, wants apology from Draymond Green for anthem laughter

You probably thought we were done talking about Fergie’s abysmal national anthem performance at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. To be fair, we did too. However, Fergie’s ex-husband Josh Duhamel has inexplicably dredged up Fergie’s jazzy and/or sultry performance to catch some smoke from Draymond Green, who was caught on camera laughing at Fergie’s rendition.

To be fair, everyone was laughing. LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant all looked like they thought the baby concert was hilarious, but Green just couldn’t really contain himself from an actual snicker.

It’s that snicker that Duhamel — who has appeared in the “Transformers” franchise, “Las Vegas” and “Justified” (wait, that’s Timothy Olyphant) — appeared to take issue with in an interview on FS1.

Leahy’s tweet says it all. Duhamel would cry if he ever came to NBA Twitter. 

“The thing that made me upset is that she was taking a lot of really cruel sort of … comments. People were really trolling. I was pissed off at Draymond Green, first of all. I think he owed her an apology. I thought he was kind of a p—-. Just because he knew the camera was on him. And he snickered about it. I just thought if he would’ve been a real man, he would’ve at least called her and said, ‘Listen, I’m sorry that I caused all this.'”

Who knows why Duhamel seems to have it out for Green here. He was just one guy, and he didn’t start booing in the middle of the anthem. He certainly didn’t cause all (or any) of this. Fergie later owned that her rendition of the anthem didn’t really land.

As nice as it is for Duhamel to want to defend Fergie, sometimes you just need to pick your battles. It was a bad anthem, and it’s weird that he’s singling Green out. In any case, it’s hard to believe that Fergie is thrilled to have this make headlines once again, so she might want to give Duhamel a quick call and tell him to let it go.

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