Crazy MMA fighters host fight inside London phone booth with brutal ending

The brutal world of MMA fighting continued to test the boundaries with a Russian bout taking place inside a traditional London phone box – resulting in the loser dropping down into a corner under a barrage of punches and was stopped after just 15 seconds.

Russia is known for its unusual take on MMA fighting with the country previously hosting an inter-gender fight between blogger Sasha Mamaha and porn star Alexander Pistoletov – which descended into chaos when a fan invaded the octagon.

There was nowhere to escape in this latest fight with two fighters placed inside a London phone box starting back-to-back before mayhem ensued. The referee was placed outside the phone box and only stepped in once one fighter fell into a corner and conceded the bout after 15 seconds.

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A video of the crazy MMA fight was posted on Twitter by @SpinninBackfist. A hooter sounded and both fighters, wearing gloves, turned and started bombarding punches on their opponent.

A heavy punch after three seconds by the taller fighter sent his opponent into the corner of the phone box. Not finished, the smaller fighter responded to a barrage of blows, regaining his ground and then taking another heavy punch after eight seconds.

The smaller of the two fighters refused to go down despite taking two big blows. However, after offering little response to the rapid punches of his opponent, the final blow was dealt on 10 seconds with the smaller opponent pinned against the phone box taking several heavy punches and then dropping to his knees.

The taller opponent only stops landing blows when the referee places his hand through the phone box window to separate the opponents.

The fighters return back-to-back and are then led out of the phone box. The beaten fighter suffered cuts to both sides of his face and looked dazed from the punches.

The idea of phone box fighting was welcomed by some on social media and the fight video has been watched on Twitter 10.9million times.

While some people said they wanted to see more phone box boxing some raised concerns over its safety.

@Pinder96 said: "Actually love this! But probably needs to be developed more, how would the ref keep this from getting out of hand?" Others were not so supportive of the concept as one Twitter user replied: "If you like this so definitely you need mental strength check."

This view was shared by @KeithRo5808 who replied: "Russians are clearly here for a good time, not a long time."


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