'The Irish have been punching each other in the face in pubs for years' – Dana White on Conor McGregor incident

UFC president Dana White said that he would still allow Conor McGregor fight in one of his events despite footage emerging of an alleged assault in a Dublin pub.

Video footage of the incident, which happened in the Marble Arch Pub in Drimnagh on April 6, appears to show McGregor throwing a punch at an older man at the bar counter.

In May, the Irish Independent revealed the mixed martial arts fighter, who is a former UFC world champion, was quizzed by detectives about the alleged assault, but was not formally arrested.

A file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions, and it has now emerged that the 31-year-old is expected to face charges in relation to the alleged assault. He has not yet been formally charged over the incident, but is expected to in the coming weeks.

However, speaking to MMA reporter Aaron Bronsteter, UFC chief White said that he doesn’t expect anything to come from the incident, and added that ‘the Irish have been punching each other in the face in pubs for years’.

“Is there a code of conduct with regards to him? That was a civil matter between him and some guy in a bar that nothing ever came out of,” White said.

“He was younger than I thought he was. I thought he was 60, apparently he was 40. Listen, the Irish have been punching each other in the face in pubs for years.”

CCTV footage of the incident shows the man who was allegedly struck does not move from his seat, but turns to face McGregor as he is being brought away from the scene.

Staff can be seen reacting with shock, with one woman behind the bar putting her hands up to her mouth.

McGregor, who is wearing a light brown sweater and glasses in the footage, then disappears out of camera shot.

In May, McGregor presented to Sundrive Road garda station where detectives formally quizzed him about his version of the events.

The alleged victim had told officers he was assaulted by McGregor following a brief verbal row between the two.

The fighter met with officers by appointment at Sundrive Road garda station along with a legal representative.

“The version of events given by the alleged victim is that words were exchanged between both men,” a source told the Irish Independent. “It escalated and a single punch is alleged to have been thrown.”

Gardaí interviewed the complainant as well as a number of witnesses, while “good quality” CCTV of the incident was also recovered and examined.

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