Masvidal claims Mcgregor would have to RETIRE after fighting him

Jorge Masvidal claims Conor McGregor would have to RETIRE after fighting him… with ‘Gamebred’ vowing to ‘elbow Irishman’s eye socket then knock him the f**k out’ if pair meet

  • Jorge Masvidal believes he could finish Conor McGregor’s UFC career
  • ‘Gamebred’ is doubtful Irishman would agree to take him on at welterweight 
  • But if he does, American claimed he would damage McGregor’s brand with KO 
  • McGregor is returning from broken leg and Masvidal has lost three in a row  

Jorge Masvidal has warned Conor McGregor that a fight with him would send the Irishman into early retirement. 

‘Gamebred’ believes a high-profile knockout defeat for McGregor, should they lock horns, would spell the end of his brand and UFC career. 

Masvidal’s war of words with ‘Notorious’ has been heating up in recent weeks and the welterweight is adamant that his style would lead to an embarrassing KO for McGregor. 

Jorge Masvidal claims Conor McGregor would be forced into early retirement if they fought

The American believes a knockout win over the Irishman would devastate his brand 

He told the Sun: ‘I don’t think he’s going to fight period again, I definitely don’t think he fights after me.

‘Just like I was a cancer to Nate Diaz’s style and brand, because he’s like this tough guy and like, ‘Man, I’m going to stand toe-to-toe with anybody and go to war and everybody’s going to run from me. 

‘Nah. Wrong, I’m going to get in your face and make you back down. Same thing with Conor. He’s going to say, this guy kneed me in the ribs, elbowed me in the eye socket and then knocked me the f*** out.

‘And it’s not going to look good for his brand. If he takes the fight with me, I don’t think he’s fighting after that.’

Masvidal, 37, lost against fierce rival Colby Covington earlier this year having suffered two successive defeats at the hands of Kamaru Usman. 

McGregor is returning from the broken leg sustained against Dustin Poirier last year and has fought at welterweight before. 

UFC president Dana White recently talked up the prospect of him facing Michael Chandler when he eventually comes back but clearly Masvidal is pushing for the lucrative bout. 

McGregor has no intention of fighting Jorge Masvidal, according to ‘Gamebred’

Both men are pay-per-view stars for the organisation but it remains to be seen how great an appetite from the Irishman there is to take on the heavy-handed American. 

Masvidal’s next appearance is also complicated by the fact that he is embroiled in legal proceedings. 

He is alleged to have assaulted Covington in a Miami restaurant earlier this year and ‘Chaos’ is pursuing charges. 

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