Jones warns UFC that £7m would be way too low for Ngannou fight

Jon Jones warns the UFC that an offer of £7m would be ‘way too low’ for Francis Ngannou mega-fight in ‘MMA version of Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman’… but heavyweight rival Derrick Lewis undercuts him and says he’ll do it for £6m!

  • Jon Jones is at loggerheads with the UFC over payment to fight Francis Ngannou 
  • Former light-heavyweight champion has voiced his complaints on social media 
  • Jones has chatted to UFC lawyer and said offer of £7million would be too low
  • Heavyweight rival Derrick Lewis chimed in and said he’d do it for £6m 

Jon Jones wants significantly more than £7million to fight Francis Ngannou in what would be the biggest heavyweight encounter in UFC history. 

Ngannou’s savage KO of Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 cleared the path to a mega-fight with ‘Bones’ but the American is once again at loggerheads with his employers over pay. 

Jones took to social media to detail his complaints and outline what he expects from the contract to face the new heavyweight champion. 

Jon Jones is seeking mega-money to reflect the status of a mega-fight with Francis Ngannou

Ngannou became the heavyweight champion with a savage KO win over Stipe Miocic 

He wrote: ‘I had a brief phone meeting with UFC‘s lawyer Hunter (Campbell) a few days ago. 

‘As of right now I expressed to him that anywhere around eight to $10 million would be way too low for a fight of this magnitude. That’s all that has been discussed so far.

‘I’m supposed to be waiting for what their offer is going to be. Really hoping the numbers are nowhere near that low. I guess we will see what happens.’

If Jones fails to agree a price with the UFC, they could be forced to move on and Derrick Lewis is another name in the frame for a title shot. 

The popular heavyweight chimed in, undercutting Jones, writing: ‘I’ll do it for 8 million, s***.’

When confronted by this information, Jones replied: ‘I’m sure he would, let him. Derek also doesn’t have 15 world championships on his resume. 

‘Their last fight was one of the most boring heavyweight fights in recent history. Completely different situation.’

And he went on to both lament the lack of willingness for the UFC to pay him what he feels he is worth, while also talking up how big the fight with Ngannou would be. 

‘This fight has the potential to bring in hundreds of thousands of new fans from around the world. I can feel it in my bones how big this could be,’ he added. 

Jones is looking to add to his legacy having dominated at light-heavyweight for so long 

‘I feel like this fight is monumental, matchup‘s like this don’t come very often in a lifetime. 

‘Me stopping Francis in my first fight up at heavyweight would be nothing short of extraordinary. Ali versus foreman, hosted by the UFC.

‘I’ve been working my ass off for years, concussions, surgeries, fighting the Toughest competition UFC had to offer throughout my 20s for right around 2 million per fight. 

‘I’m just trying to have my payday, the fight that all of us fighters Believe is one day possible.’

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