Red Sox star Mookie Betts delivered food to homeless after World Series Game 2 win

Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts celebrated Boston's 4-2 World Series Game 2 victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday by giving back. 

After the game ended, Betts was spotted providing hot meals to some of Boston's homeless community gathered outside the Boston Public Library.

Former Red Sox infielder Lou Merloni, who hosts a Boston sports radio show on WEEI, tweeted a photo showing some of the food Betts delivered.

"This was the scene last night around 1am (sic) out in front of the Boston Library," Merloni tweeted. "Trays and trays of food fed the homeless. The man that delivered the food wasn’t looking for attention or praise BUT deserves it. God Bless you Mookie Betts."

Mike Winter also witnessed Betts' kind act and told WEEI the homeless people were "flabbergasted" when they received steak tips and chicken. 

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