Red Sox fans at Dodger Stadium celebrate final out of the 2018 World Series

LOS ANGELES — Per internet message-board rumor, the Boston Red Sox have prevailed over the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2018 World Series. 

The clinching Game 5 at Dodger Stadium was notably mostly for the result — a 5-1 Boston win. It was also notable for the hefty number of Sox rooters in attendance. That stands to season, as the Sox have a national fan base and the host Dodgers were facing long odds of a comeback. In honor of those loyal visiting partisans and their team’s victory, this pretend photojournalist spent the final out — a Chris Sale strikeout of Manny Machado — in their midst. 

First, here’s Machado swinging through the Sale slider as viewers at home saw it: 

And now please enjoy in shared celebration or, alternatively, watch on in mute contempt as the Boston fans in the stands took in that very moment:

Spotted in the wild? Sports exuberance! Indeed, for a few hours on Sunday night, Sections 40 and 44 of the upper reserve section at Dodger Stadium might as well have been Boston. Or at least Somerville. 

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