Orioles’ Chris Davis on dugout confrontation with manager Brandon Hyde: ‘I hit a breaking point’

As Orioles manager Brandon Hyde woke up Friday morning, one thing was weighing heavily on his mind. It wasn’t the tough matchup coming that night with the Astros, but rather an altercation he had with pitcher Chris Davis on Wednesday night. 

Davis came off the field in the middle of the fifth inning visibly frustrated after the team allowed a two-run homer that extended the Yankees’ lead to 6-1 over the Orioles. Hyde had a few words with Davis to express his disapproval over his reaction, and Davis then became enraged and had to be held back by two teammates. 

“It's pretty obvious the offensive struggles I've had for quite some time. I feel like night in and night out, I've done a really good job of still being there on defense and trying to pick guys up,” Davis said Friday, addressing the incident for the first time. “At that spot in the game, at that point in the series … I hit a breaking point.”

Here’s what the MASN cameras caught of the Chris Davis-Brandon Hyde interaction:

Appears Hyde said something Davis didn’t appreciate, then Davis had to be held back by hitting coach Don Long and Mark Trumbo. pic.twitter.com/4GTaePor2Y

Davis has kept his composure all season as he's dealt with personal hitting droughts and the burden of being a leader for a Baltimore team sitting with the second-worst record in MLB.  

“It's gonna happen when you have that much frustration. When you're constantly having to deal with failure, you're going to have episodes where you’ve just gotta let it out,” Davis said. “Unfortunately, it was in the dugout, I wish it hadn't been. I wish it had been underneath. But, you know, it happened. And I can't go back and change that.”

He left Camden Yards before the end of Wednesday's game to cool off. Following an off day Thursday, Hyde was eager to clear the air with his veteran player.

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Davis and Hyde talked for about an hour Friday morning to hash things out, and both said their relationship remains positive. They seemed more upset that the exchange was done so publicly.

“Like in any family, there's arguments or times when it's not smooth, and that was unfortunate that it was caught on camera,” Hyde said. “Anybody in that clubhouse will tell you how good of an environment we've created, even though it's really hard to do when your team is a last place club right now … So that's why that incident hurt. People saw that, but it's really the opposite of what this has been about this whole time.”

Chris Davis strikes out during an Aug. 3 game against the Blue Jays. (Photo: Julio Cortez, AP)

The pair are both eager to put the whole thing behind them, insisting it strengthened their relationship instead of hurting it. 

“We knew that it wasn't going to be an issue not too long after it happened. We knew that it's just one of those things,” Davis said. “We're going to get through it and be better for it.”

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