MLB World Series 2018: J.D. Martinez says ankle is ‘a little bit sore’ after slipping on second base in Game 1

BOSTON — There was a scary moment for the Red Sox during their 8-4 win over the Dodgers in Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday night. Slugger J.D. Martinez slipped on second base and rolled his right ankle while legging out his go-ahead double in the third inning.

Here’s video of the play. Martinez seemed to be thinking triple before slipping on second base and rolling over on his right ankle. He did remain in the game after being looked at by the trainer.

It rained throughout the afternoon in Boston but the tarp was on the infield, and the bases are replaced before the game anyway. There was some light rain and mist throughout the night, however, hence the slippery base.

Here’s a screen grab of Martinez rolling over his ankle:

Ouch. Those rolled ankles always look really bad. Fortunately Martinez was able to remain in the game and he expects to be okay moving forward in the series.

“My foot slipped when I was touching the bag. It’s so wet there and those bags get slippery when they’re wet or something, and I just slipped right over it and I rolled my right ankle on the very next step I took,” Martinez said following Game 1. “It feels good, obviously it’s a little bit sore but I think it will be alright.”

I think we all know from experience that Martinez will be sore for a day or two after rolling his ankle like that. It hurts badly initially and the lingering soreness from an ankle roll like that can take a few days to subside. Martinez is Boston’s regular DH and he will be off his feet again Wednesday night, plus Thursday is an off-day.

Friday is the day to watch. The World Series shifts to Los Angeles for Game 3 on Friday, and that means no DH. Earlier this week — and before the injury — Red Sox manager Alex Cora has said Martinez will play the outfield at Dodger Stadium. Will the ankle allow him? My guess is he’ll be fine, but we’ll see.

Either way, the Red Sox and Martinez dodged a major bullet in Game 1. Martinez rolled his ankle and came up hobbled, but he was able to remain in the game and expects to be okay moving forward in the series.

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