Look At This Dumb Shit Brett Gardner Did To Himself

Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner has had a pretty rough season so far, so you can’t blame him for being mad about the fact that he had what looked like a sure extra-base hit taken away from him by Indians right fielder Jordan Luplow. What you can blame him for is busting his own lip open like a damn dingus!

When Gardner returned to the dugout after watching his hit taken away, he slammed his batting helmet into the dugout wall, at which point the helmet came flying back at him and busted his lip open:

The resulting gash in Gardner’s lip was so bad that he had to get six stitches in order to close it up. After the game, Gardner explained what happened like this: “Obviously, I was frustrated, came in and threw my helmet, and it came back and hit me in the face.”

It sure did, Brett. It sure did.

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