Domingo Santana Caught A Foul Ball And A Fan's Glove

Not much is going right for the Mariners these days. Just this week, one player was hit by a pitch that lacerated his spleen while another fouled a ball off himself that ruptured his testicle. So it’s the least we can do to feature a Mariners highlight where no one’s internal organs explode.

In the fifth inning of Friday’s 6-2 win over the Angels, Domingo Santana nearly ran out of foul territory chasing down a pop foul off the bat of Jonathan Lucroy. He was able to glove…something, but he wasn’t going to let go until the umpire got down to line to verify that it was a baseball and also a zealous Angels fan’s glove.

It takes a couple replays to see for certain, but Santana did indeed have the ball in his glove, along with the fan’s mitt. Santana also had a pair of homers on the night, but that’s way less impressive.

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