Dodgers vs. Red Sox 2018 World Series: Dave Roberts receives standing ovation from Fenway fans before Game 1

In keeping with the ancient laws of combat, each member of the visiting Dodgers and host Red Sox was introduced prior to Tuesday night’s Game 1 of the World Series. As you would imagine, members of the visiting squadron are reliably and vigorously booed by the home crowd in these situations, almost without exception (Manny Machado, for instance, really heard it on Tuesday). Note, however, the calculated use of “almost without exception.” Prior to Game 1 at Fenway Park, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was the exception. 

Roberts may be the Dodgers’ skipper these days, but back in 2004 he was a reserve outfielder for the Red Sox, who of course eventually won the World Series in curse-busting fashion that year. Roberts, you’ll likely recall, had a huge steal that remains a vivid part of their impossible comeback against the Yankees in the ALCS. 

So how much does that moment live on in the consciousness of Red Sox Nation-State? Here’s an idea:

Little wonder, then, that Roberts was spared the pro-forma boos from the home crowd before Game 1. 

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