Bryce Harper free agency rumors: Scott Boras says there’s already a done deal in place

High-profile agent Scott Boras surely wouldn’t do anything to steal headlines from the World Series on behalf of a client, would he? Of course he would. We know the history (A-Rod!). This is perhaps one of his most intriguing moves of all-time, though. Ten days after the World Series ends, Bryce Harper hits free agency. When asked on YES Network where Harper will end up, Boras drops this bombshell: 

If you don’t want to listen, here’s the quote that jumps right off the screen: 

“We know who the team is. It’s already completed and done, but Bryce has told me that he wanted to tell you personally.” 

We’re off and running with dozens of scenarios and questions now, right? That’s likely just what Boras wants. Here are the realistic possibilities: 

Boras is trolling

Show host Michael Kay earnestly asked Boras where he expected Harper to sign this coming offseason. There’s a zero percent chance Boras was going to give that up, so maybe this was his way of faux-playing along. 

Boras is building excitement on behalf of his client

I don’t understand how it would help Boras and Harper’s leverage on the open market if they really convinced everyone that he already had a deal in place. In fact, that would be the way to cripple the market, right? There’s a reason Boras is generally the best agent for his clients in baseball, though. Everything he says has a purpose and it’s to get his players the best deal possible. It’s incredibly intriguing to try and figure out what in the world his purpose was here and that, in and of itself, is likely part of the answer. 

He’s telling the truth

The only team with which Harper could have a legitimate and legal deal in place is the Nationals. If he had accepted an extension, I can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t just reveal it right now. Remember when Boras and A-Rod announced during the 2007 World Series that A-Rod was opting out of his Yankees contract? This would be the perfect time for Harper to announce he’s staying put.

It’s possible, I suppose, that Harper told Boras he 100 percent wants to sign elsewhere (the Yankees, Cubs and Dodgers are probably the only realistic possibilities there), but how would that help them negotiate a megadeal? Or maybe he thinks whatever nine-figure deal he’s offered is enough anyway and just wants to play where he wants to play? 

Go nuts with the speculation. Lots of things are on the board here. 

My vote: Boras knew this would get out and he’s just messing around. 

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