2018 World Series: Dodgers’ Jansen blows multi-inning save attempt for second night in a row

The Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers have a way to go before Game 4 of the 2018 World Series is as memorable as Game 3 proved to be on Friday. Yet they’re trying their best to recreate the magic. Consider that, as with Game 3, the Dodgers tasked closer Kenley Jansen to nail down a six-out save — only to have him, again, blow it by permitting a homer.

That’s right. Jansen checked in to begin the eighth inning, hoping to record the game’s final six outs and preserve a one-run lead. Steve Pearce had other ideas, however, yanking an inside pitch to left field to knot things at 4-4:

Jansen was then replaced in the ninth. This would have represented the first time the Dodgers had used Jansen for consecutive two-inning outings in his postseason career. In fact, he’d only thrown two or more innings two appearances in a row once before — that coming in 2016 when he had two days off between.

It might not be the last time. But it’s fair to say Jansen’s outings in Games 3 and 4 did not go as desired.

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