Patrick Cantlay claims LIV Golf battle will be a 'blip on the radar'

Patrick Cantlay claims ‘contentious’ battle between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour will be a ‘blip on the radar’ in 10 years and believes there will be an intervention to end the sport’s civil war… as he ‘finds it funny that people are so amped up’

  • The arrival of Saudi-backed LIV Golf Series has caused fractures within the sport 
  • But Patrick Cantlay said in ten years, people won’t believe it was so contentious 
  • Speculation has constantly swirled over the next big names to defect to LIV 
  • The American World No. four said he gives no credence to the ongoing rumors  

Patrick Cantlay believes the contentious ongoing battle between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour will look like a ‘blip on the radar’ in 10 years’ time as he admits he does not get as emotional about the situation as some of his fellow professionals. 

Golf’s civil war has left the sport in fractures with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy seemingly leading the PGA Tour loyalists against the Saudi rebels with stinging comments being thrown about by both sides.

However, Cantlay suggested that the tense relationship between the warring camps will be put to rest as he believes an intervention could be staged in the future to bring the two sides back together. 

Patrick Cantlay believes the battle between LIV Golf and PGA Tour will be a ‘blip on the radar’

The Saudi-backed breakaway has lured away top players causing fractures in the sport

‘It has been so contentious and it feels like it just continues to be contentious,’ Cantlay said in a press conference Wednesday, ahead of the Presidents Cup this week. 

‘I would be surprised if there’s not some coming together intervention because I just don’t know of any sport that has a legitimately fractured sport. 

‘So I feel like if we’re 10 years from now, everyone will be like, “oh yeah, that LIV stuff, I remember that” and we’ll be playing at least some of the same events as each other. 

‘I find it funny that people are so amped up about it because I maybe don’t get as emotional about it as everyone seems to be getting. 

PGA Tour loyalists, such as Rory McIlroy, have taken a firm stance against the rebel series

‘I could be wrong. I’m not saying I know there’s going to be a coming together. I’m just saying when I look at all other sports, all the best players play together. 

‘We had the American Football League, that went away, nobody continued to play on the American Football League. There’s been other stuff in baseball. 

‘I just feel like at some point when you start looking back on it people will be surprised to hear, “Oh man, it was really contentious,” because it will feel like a blip on the radar once it’s settled. Just right now, it’s very unknown.’ 

Since the startup parked its tanks on the PGA Tour’s lawn, several big names, such as Bryson DeChambeau, Brooks Kopeka and Cameron Smith, have defected, keeping the rumor mill churning over who could be the next star to jump ship. 

Smith in particular had long been linked to a move to LIV before he eventually did join for a reported $100million signing on fee. 

Cameron Smith (right) had long been linked to LIV before he eventually joining for $100million

However, many reports have been wrong over potential defectors with former World No. 1 Jon Rahm and Collin Morikawa having to shut down rumors.  

Cantlay stressed the importance of not getting caught up in the speculation and staying accurate. 

He said: ‘I think it’s important for everybody to be informed. For everybody, this is their business that they run, and so being accurate and up-to-date and not being caught in any rumors is really key. 

‘But they should at least understand what the decision is. Even if the decision to stay on the Tour is a non-decision, it is a decision.’

Jon Rahm swiftly shut down rumors linking him to the rebel LIV Series on social media

The Spaniard took to Twitter to inform the account that it and its source were wrong

When later asked how he handles the ceaseless rumors, the American responded: ‘Just not giving credence to it, waiting until we get something that’s a fact. 

‘I mean you hear all the time, “Oh, some new top 10 player is going,”. We’ve been hearing stuff like that for a year or more. So, until it actually happens I give it no credence.’

Cantlay will tee it up with pal Xander Schauffele in the first match of the Thursday foursomes on Day One of the Presidents Cup at Quail Hollow. 

The pair, who went 2-0-0 at last year’s Ryder Cup, will look to bring in the first point of the event for Davis Love III and Team USA.  

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