LIV Golf chief Greg Norman hits out at ‘deafening hypocrisy’

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LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman hit out at critics of the breakaway series by calling out what he believes to be “deafening” hypocrisy. Norman implied that anyone using Facebook, flying on Boeing airplanes, using Live Nation or playing EA video games is a hypocrite due to their involvement with the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund.

LIV Golf was founded in 2021 and is owned entirely by the Saudi Arabia PIF. The breakaway league then went about signing up some of the biggest names in golf, including Dustin Johnson, Graeme McDowell, Phil Mickelson and Cameron Smith.

The league has been heavily criticised and accused of being a sports washing vehicle for the Saudi Arabian state, an accusation Norman has always hit back at.

LIV Golf players were subsequently banished from the PGA Tour and all major championships, leading to a civil war in Golf. Now, Norman has shared an article calling for the conflict between the two organisations to end.

In the tweet, he referenced a story from the New York Post alleging anyone using a number of companies shouldn’t criticise LIV Golf. He wrote: “Amen @nypost. The hypocrisy is deafening. Ever fly on a Boeing airplane? Buy tickets through Live Nation or play Electronic Arts computer games? Use Facebook? They’re all partially owned by the PIF and yet nobody bats an eyelid…”

He followed that up with another tweet which referenced the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who is believed to have been killed at the behest of the Saudi royal family.

Norman posted: “And while the US government might have rightly condemned Saudi Arabia for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, it didn’t stop them striking a deal to sell $3 billion worth of Patriot missiles to Riyadh in August last year either.”

LIV Golf and the PGA Tour have been in a tense legal battle since the PGA Tour countersued LIV Golf in September. A hearing in London next month will determine whether LIV Golf players can be banned from DP World Tour events.

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