‘Worst boxing coach ever’ punches fighters in the face in unconventional drill

Boxing fans have spotted the 'world's worst boxing coach' after a video of a coach training four of his students emerged online.

The video appears to show the coach with some of his students in the boxing gym, where he puts them through conditioning exercises.

It was uploaded to Reddit and has drawn criticism.

The coach repeatedly strikes one student in the stomach and kidneys before aiming a right hook at his chin, which the student brushes off.

The next student steps up, and endures the same training technique along with two more students.

All four of the boxers endure undefeated hits across their chins and into their bodies.

"I can kind of get the bodyshots (though there's a better way to train conditioning) but the face shots are insane," one fan said.

Another added: "How does standing still, absorbing damage without any defensive mechanics help a fighter in any way?"

"This coach is clearly trying to boost his ego. Pathetic," a third added.

"Is this real life? Coach is dumb as hell brb giving all my fighters CTE before their fights," a fourth said.

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Boxers sometimes use 'manageable' body shots to their core to improve the strength of their abdominal muscles, however, it is more regularly used in Muay Thai.

Instead, boxers use medicine balls and crunches to improve their core strength alongside a range of other exercises.

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