Tommy Fury admits he DOES want to resurrect talks to face Jake Paul

‘I’ll fight him anywhere on the planet’: Tommy Fury admits he DOES want to resurrect talks to face Jake Paul after he was banned from the US and says his lawyers are ‘trying to sort it’… as he insists the pair are ‘too far gone’ to not fight each other

  • Tommy Fury has revealed he is keen to resurrect his fight with Jake Paul 
  • Their bout was scrapped when Fury was banned from entering the United States 
  • Fury says he could not simply ‘go to the embassy’ and his lawyers are ‘sorting it’
  • He believes Paul and himself are ‘too far gone’ not to fight at some point  

Tommy Fury has talked up his chances of finally facing Jake Paul in the near future and believes the pair are ‘too far gone’ for the fight not to happen. 

Fury has tried to fight Paul twice – last December before picking up a rib injury and this summer, when the showdown was scrapped after he was banned from entering the United States amid his family’s connections to wanted criminal Daniel Kinahan.

The former Love Island star was goaded by his rival for being ‘scared’ to fight him and in an exclusive interview with Sportsmail, Paul accused Fury of ignoring his help to gain him entry into the US through his ‘connections in politics’.

Tommy Fury has admitted he hopes he can resurrect his fight with Jake Paul in the future

Fury’s last fight with Paul was scrapped after he was barred entry from the United States 

Fury – the brother of world champion Tyson – received criticism from fans too over his apparent failure to speak to the US embassy, but Paul said it was not a simple fix and that his lawyers were thrashing out the issue – claiming he was still hopeful of fighting Paul soon, and if not in America then in another country.

‘We’re trying to sort it as we speak,’ he told YouTube channel VIP Boxing Promotions.

‘But everybody thinks it’s just a simple process of turning up and going to the embassy but it’s not. It takes time and my lawyers are on to that now, and trying to do everything they can to get this fight on.

‘Hopefully we can get it resolved and I can go to America and fight him, but if I can’t, I’ll fight him anywhere else in the world.

‘I can’t say it fairer than that. What more can I say? I’ll fight him anywhere else on the planet, you pick, not bothered and I’ll be there.’

Paul has goaded Fury over his failure to enter the US and believes his rival is scared of him

He called Paul his ‘dance partner’ and said he felt it was inevitable that they would eventually go toe-to-toe, despite Paul conceding it may not ever happen. 

‘Both of us now, it’s too far gone for it not to happen.

‘It’s been back and forth for a long time and in this game you need a dance partner.

‘As you’ve seen in his last fight, he couldn’t sell over a few thousand tickets because nobody knew his opponent.

‘In this game you need a good dance partner and I can’t say it any fairer than this, I will fight you in any single place in this world.

‘You don’t have to come to England, I’ll fight you in Canada next to America, I’m not bothered.’

Paul replaced Fury with another one of his rivals Hasim Rahman Jr before that fight was scrapped too due to fears his opponent would not make weight. 

Jake Paul (left) and Hasim Rahman Jr. (right) were set to do battle at Madison Square Garden last week before their fight was also scrapped

The American hit out at both Rahman Jr and Fury as he blamed both fighters were scared to face him.

‘Alrighty folks, emergency press conference,’ he said. ‘You may have seen the news Hasim Rahman Jr. has pulled out of the fight, this is not a joke. 

‘I am devastated. I cannot f*****g believe this. We just found out this news. 

‘This is just another case of a professional boxer, just like Tommy Fury, being scared to fight me. It’s as clear as day that these guys have been so unprofessional to work with, looking for any excuse to such more money out of this event. To coerce us into doing things. 

‘And from the jump I knew from the bottom of my heart that this guys didn’t want to get into the ring with me it’s as clear as day.’

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