Terri Harper can become an undisputed world champion in two fights, says trainer Stefy Bull

Terri Harper can be crowned as an undisputed world champion in two fights, with massive unification plans in place, says her manager and trainer Stefy Bull.

Britain’s WBC super-featherweight champion is targeting a potential return in April after undergoing hand surgery following her stoppage victory over mandatory challenger Katharina Thanderz in November.

Terms have already been agreed by Harper for a unification clash against WBA title holder Hyun-Mi Choi, while WBO champion Mikaela Mayer is discussing a fight for Maiva Hamadouche’s IBF belt in May.

Bull, who has guided Harper’s career with promoter Eddie Hearn, told Sky Sports: “We need to see these unifications on the road to undisputed.

“Eddie has made it vocal that’s the goal, to make female champions undisputed.

“The goal now is to fight the other champions. If Terri is fighting Choi next, then there is talk that Mikaela Mayer and her team are in talks with Hamadouche for a unification.


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“An undisputed fight is literally two fights away. It can happen. If Hamadouche is willing to travel over to America to fight Mayer and Terri is fighting Choi, you’ve basically got the semi-finals and then the winners for all the marbles.

“That’s how close it is. I think potentially we are two fights away from an undisputed championship of the world.”

Hamadouche’s co-promoter Christian Cherchi confirmed that negotiations are ongoing with Mayer, and would also be open to an undisputed world title fight.

“We are in talks with Matchroom, with Top Rank, for a possible unification fight for next May in the United States,” Cherchi told Sky Sports. “But nothing is set for the moment, we are in negotiations.

“Hamadouche, she wants a unification fight. She was ready to fight the WBA champion and Terri Harper as well.

“It is the natural fight (undisputed), we have to do it. It only makes sense to do these two fights to have an undisputed champion.”

Will the Harper vs Jonas rematch happen in 2021?

A rematch between Harper and Jonas had been discussed after the British rivals battled to a thrilling draw last summer, with Bull insisting that a second fight can still happen.

“Let’s remember that when Terri was offered a new contract with Matchroom, we did sign for Thanderz and the Jonas fight. We did sign everything,” said Bull.

“I think a few people on social media are getting slightly confused, as if Terri is running. You only have to look at Terri’s resume and the fighters she has been fighting since she turned professional.

“Terri is a real fighter and it’s down to me that guides her career. We did sign for the rematch, we’re happy for the rematch, and obviously Natasha has her reasons and you have to respect that. She is not happy with the financial side. Well, that’s nothing to do with Team Harper or anybody else.

“That’s where we are at, so there has been no more talk of it. We did agree terms for the WBA champion Choi. As far as we believe, we have got the unification with Choi who is a very good champion.”

But Jonas has questioned why Harper opted to face Thanderz instead of an immediate return bout, and the Liverpudlian intends to enforce a mandatory shot at the WBC belt.

We’ll see if they have to fight their mandatory, because I’m going to put myself in a mandatory position.

Natasha Jonas

“That isn’t in fact what happened,” Jonas told Sky Sports. “But let’s be honest, if that rematch was wanted, as it was promised which was the automatic rematch, forget mandatories, forget that, that could have happened.

“I think that there was a stalling tactic in place. Waiting for me to get beaten, so they don’t have to do it, or waiting for me to get a little bit older.

“Since the whole, ‘I have to fight my mandatory,’ came about I’m not going to sit around. If that’s what they are hoping for, then that’s not what’s going to happen.

“We’ll see if they have to fight their mandatory, because I’m going to put myself in a mandatory position. Then when she has got nowhere else to go and nothing else to say, then we’ll see does the fight happen then.”

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