Paul claims he would beat Tommy Fury 'eight or nine times out of ten'

‘What have you been doing all these years? Because you’re not that good’: Jake Paul mocks Tommy Fury’s boxing ability – despite losing their Saudi grudge match – and claims he would beat the Love Island star ‘eight or nine times out of ten’

  • Jake Paul has once again stuck the boot into his bitter rival Tommy Fury
  • He claimed he would beat the Love Island star ‘eight or nine times out of ten’ 
  • Paul ridiculed his boxing ability despite losing on a split decision last month 

Jake Paul has stuck the boot into rival Tommy Fury once again – claiming he would beat the Love Island star ‘eight or nine times out of ten’ as he ridiculed his ability. 

The YouTuber lost to Fury on a split decision during a close fight in Saudi Arabia last month but has been defiant about his performance ever since, playing down his opponent’s strengths while also coming up with a host of excuses.

Paul defied many doubters by taking Fury the distance – despite many tipping the brother of heavyweight world champions Tyson to secure a stoppage – and even shocked his rival by knocking him to the canvas in the final round. 

In a lengthy YouTube video on his channel ImPaulsive, the American discussed his loss to Fury and the prospect of a rematch – and how confident he was of overcoming him if they fought again. 

‘I’d beat him eight or nine times out of ten,’ he said during the chat – which also included his brother Logan, before revealing a chat the pair had in the ring after their fight had finished. 

Jake Paul has goaded his rival Tommy Fury once again, claiming he would beat him ‘eight or nine times out of ten’

He played down Fury’s ability – saying he was ‘not that good’ despite boxing since he was a child

Paul said that Fury ‘wasn’t that good’ considering how long he had been boxing for compared to himself. 

‘He said to me after, “Bro, you did great, I’ve been doing this since I was six”. When I think about it I’m like, “Damn, what have you been doing for all those years? Because you’re not that good”.’

Recent reports claimed the pair’s rematch could happen as soon as July – with Fury already vowing to deliver a knockout this time.   

In the same video, Paul bizarrely blamed his defeat on a ‘wet dream’ before the fight, saying it had led to him having ‘weak legs’.

His brother Logan made the strange revelation and asked him if it had any impact on the result – claiming the same thing happened to him before he faced KSI in 2019.  

Paul surpassed expectations in the fight and secured a knockdown in the final round

Paul initially said he ‘didn’t want to talk about it’, before responding: ‘I f***ed myself – literally – over.

‘I don’t actually even remember the dream. I literally woke up in a panic, like, “f***, f***, f***, f***”. I was like, “Oh my god”. 

‘You have two weeks of testosterone built up and so the reason a wet dream happens is because your body needs to release that energy, it knows in your mind, “this is not good”. I f***ed myself.

‘But yeah it makes your legs weak. For the viewers, that’s why it’s bad, it makes your legs weak.’

When Logan then asked him if it was a reason for his defeat, he replied: ‘I think it’s one of many reasons.’

The American has insisted his defeat was due to illness, jetlag and injury – and not because Fury was the superior fighter

Paul has been widely criticised for racking up a list of other excuses for the first defeat of his career, claiming he felt ‘flat’ during the showdown in Diriyah after suffering two bouts of illness in his camps.

He also detailed an arm injury during sparring as being a factor in his under-par display – while also claiming jet lag had affected him. 

This is not the first time Paul has tried to play down Fury’s ability – previously claiming he had a tougher fight against ex-MMA star Anderson Silva. 

‘That’s what’s p***ing me off the most, it had nothing to do with him, it had everything to do with me,’ he said. 

‘He wasn’t that great at all, I think Anderson was tougher than him and I figured out that puzzle. He threw a lot of punches, that was his biggest thing.’ 

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