Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight rules listed in 20-page document

A 20-page dossier stating the rules around Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley’s initial match showed that a "no knockout" clause wasn’t attached, according to a recent report.

USA Today Sports+ has revealed which rules for the bout were agreed upon by both fighters, with no mention of a stipulation that prevented them from knocking each other out, as has been suggested by critics.

The publication has said they reviewed the document and it only cited ‘minimal restrictions’, such as avoidance of Grant boxing gloves, as well no 'standard language' such as confirming Woodley’s role as the 'B-side fighter’ at the weigh-in and bout.

“All other aspects of the Bout shall be governed by, and in conformity with all applicable (Ohio) laws (including, without limitation, rules and regulations of the applicable Governing Authorities) so as to ensure the professional and official nature of the Bout,” the contract stated.

Rumours that Paul asked for a no ‘knockout clause’ in the initial fight were aggravated further by figureheads in the industry.

Dillon Danis, Conor McGregor's stablemate, said on The MMA Hour earlier this year: “Tyron Woodley, from what I heard, had it in the contract that he was not allowed to knock out Jake Paul.

“I swear on anything -I swear that’s why when Jake Paul was against the ropes, Tyron Woodley didn’t hit him.”

Meanwhile, three-division women’s boxing champion Claressa Shields tweeted: “Jake Paul, answer the one question: Do you or do you not have a ‘no knockout clause’ in your boxing contracts? You are the biggest con artist boxing has ever had. Exposed, you are a con artist.”

However, following the withdrawal of Tommy Fury from this month's bout, Paul said that he had put a further $500,000 bonus if Woodley could knock him out this time around, refuting claims he insists that a rule of 'no knockouts' are put in the contracts of his fights.

And when asked how the rumour started, the 24–year-old responded: “For this exact reason: So people will talk about them. That’s what drives them and all media today: clicks, money, attention.

“If someone can make something up that they can talk about for a couple of months, it’s actually a very smart move. It’s just unfortunate there’s no validity to these things, and people can just run with it. It’s all just rumours.”

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Paul selected former UFC welterweight champion Woodley — who the YouTube star beat by split-decision in August — to fill Fury’s place on December 18.

The Brit released a statement about his decision to pull out: “I am absolutely heartbroken that I have been forced to withdraw from my fight with Jake Paul.

“I really do hope we can get this fight rescheduled in the new year. I want this fight to still happen more than anything.”

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