Jake Paul pulls new prank on Floyd Mayweather ahead of fight with brother Logan

Jake Paul attempted to wind up Floyd Mayweather for a second time ahead of his fight with his brother Logan – by interrupting the ring legend's virtual hangout.

Paul caused chaos earlier this month when he confronted Mayweather following a press conference to promote his exhibition on June 6.

He snatched his cap which led to a mass brawl and which left YouTube star Paul with a black eye. He was initially banned from attending his brother's fight but has now been reinstated.

And on Wednesday night he attempted to get under Mayweather's skin by joining the boxer's Clubhouse group.

The audio app allows people from around the world to congregate for discussions, and Paul made his way into Mayweather's talk.

And in a video posted to social media, Paul said: "Paul is giving an interview right now on stage on this app called Clubhouse.

"I'm going to sneak on stage and say "gotcha stage". Let's see how this goes."

Paul was then added to the 'stage' and said: "Hey Floyd, hey Floyd." Mayweather responded by saying, "Yes?" and Paul added: "Gotcha stage, gotcha stage".

Mayweather said simply: "Ok, it's cool." before Paul finished with: "Get off Clubhouse, my brother's going to beat your ass."

Mayweather seemed non-plussed, adding: "Ok, that's cool. Anyway, like I was saying…" Paul was then removed from the 'stage' and seemed particularly pleased with himself.

Mayweather and the elder Logan brother will clash in Miami next weekend in an eight-round exhibition bout.

The retired legend has a professional record of 50-0 but it will not be on the line against Paul who has fought once as a professional, against fellow YouTube star KSI.

Paul is confident he can knock out Mayweather however, and believes he has several advantages going into the fight.

"He's one of the best boxers of our generation," Paul admitted during an interview with First Take on ESPN. "When I was presented with the opportunity to fight him, as a showman and an entertainer who has risen to challenges his whole life this was too good to turn down.

"I think the biggest thing here, and it's obvious, is my height, my weight, my reach and my age. There are weight classes in boxing for a reason.

"I'm going to be weighing in three weight classes heavier than Floyd and likely walking into the ring four weight classes heavier and that's dangerous for him.

"Now, imagine hypothetically that I know what I'm doing, imagine I'm a very good boxer who's beating pros in sparring time and time again.

"Then Floyd comes in and realises he's in a little over his head because he's fighting a guy who's longer than him, stronger than him, more powerful.

"What happens if I win? The world's axis stands still, time will stop, it's going to be the biggest upset in the history of combat sports.

"And what happens if I lose? Nothing, life goes on."

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