EXCLUSIVE: Joyce opens up on Parker phone call after brutal KO

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Joyce opens up on his special phone call with Joseph Parker after wiping out the New Zealander at the weekend – with a punch he insists was the best he’s EVER thrown – as the pair strike a bromance in the wake of their heavyweight clash

  • Joe Joyce sat down for a chat with Sportsmail after his win over Joseph Parker
  • Joyce knocked Parker out with a ferocious left hook in Manchester on Saturday
  • He says it was the best punch he has thrown – despite initially not remembering it
  • The Juggernaut also received a call from Parker on Tuesday after their bout
  • Parker wished him well for the future and said he is heading back to New Zealand

In the closing stages of a swashbuckling encounter, Joe Joyce planted his feet and whipped home a ferocious left hook which floored Joseph Parker to the point of no return.

The Juggernaut, whose bone density is a whopping five times that of a normal human, had to walk through the type of punches that would leave most mere mortals in a heap on the canvas to get there, but after brushing off Parker’s best attacks he overwhelmed his heavyweight rival and closed the show in emphatic fashion.

This was a serious statement from Joyce, the most impressive of his career to date. No fighter had previously managed to stop Parker, the former WBO champion, inside the distance before their battle at Manchester Arena.

Joe Joyce knocked Joseph Parker out with a ferocious left hook in Manchester on Saturday

The Juggernaut left Parker in a heap on the canvas after delivering the fight-winning punch

His devastating hook altered that statistic on Saturday night, but Joyce had to watch the knockout back to remember it.

Reflecting on the victory in an exclusive chat with Sportsmail, he says: ‘I thought it was a big statement. But shortly after the fight I couldn’t even remember what shot I hit him with, then I watched the replay and I was like “OOOOH! Left hook!”

‘It’s all a blur, because when you’re in first person and you’re in the fight, you don’t know how you’ve done until afterwards when you watch it back. Then you see, “oh yeah I did hit him with a lot of shots.” But in there it was a very tough fight. Respect to Joseph Parker because he pushed me.

‘I was going for the knockout and trying to get him out of there in seven. He was feeling it in the third and the seventh, and I was trying to get him out of there in the eighth, but I was like “oh no, he’s not going anywhere”.

‘I thought he’d go all the way to the 12th round and take it to points, but it was good that I hit him with that left hook.’

So was it the best punch he’s ever thrown?   

‘Yeah,’ Joyce admits. ‘That was definitely a highlight reel knockout!’

Saturday’s triumph only demonstrated further the granite chin Joyce possesses. His abnormal bone density, discovered in tests at Harlequins Rugby Club, has so far allowed him to soak up punishment like no other in the professional ranks.

Both Parker and young prospect Daniel Dubois, whose spirit was also broken by Joyce in 2020, landed flush on the 37-year-old and barely even wobbled him in the process. At best, their thudding shots merely stiffened his legs.

Joyce walked through some brutal shots to land the punch he admits was the best of his career

He has the bone density five times that of a normal human, which explains his granite chin

Though it is not only his unique physical trait which keeps him off the canvas – there is also method to the madness.    

Joyce, who admits his ribs are slightly sore after shipping body shots from Parker, says: ‘I prepare really hard for fights and make sure I’ve done all the muscle groups I need to so that when I go in there I’m in the best shape I can be. And also riding the shots kind of takes the sting out of them as well, if you can see them coming.

‘But yeah, I have taken a few flush and I think you have to have phenomenal power to bother me, especially when I’m on my footwork and moving around. 

‘Like you see Dubois, he’s got phenomenal power. But I had to be static for him to hit me. If I’m moving around it’s harder to get the full power going to land a shot, but Parker hit me with some good shots throughout the fight.’

Parker must now revert to the drawing board after slumping to the third defeat of his career, albeit his first since consecutive points losses against Dillian Whyte and Anthony Joshua in 2018. 

After losing his WBO strap against Joshua, the New Zealander is yet to compete for a world title again – however Joyce is tipping him to do so in the future.

Parker called Joyce on Tuesday to wish him well after their memorable heavyweight clash

The latter received a phone call from Parker, who is now heading home to ‘sit on the beach and eat some mangos’, on Tuesday to wish him all the best in his pursuit of glory.

‘He rung me today actually and wished me well,’ Joyce reveals. ‘He’s actually going back to New Zealand to sit on the beach and eat some mangos and spend time with his family. 

‘It was good to speak to him, he’s in good spirits. I’m looking forward to watching his next fight and equally he’s looking forward to seeing who I face next to. 

‘I think he’s got the hunger for [to challenge for a world title again]. He’s only 30. He’s a very skilled boxer and he’s got power, commitment and I think he’ll do well.’

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