LOOK: UIC’s new court design is, quite literally, flames

The new court makeover at the University of Illinois at Chicago is being met with rave reviews ahead of its unveiling Thursday because its design, quite literally, is fire.

The updated hardwood for the Flames, which is extremely on brand, is flames on both ends of the court and a hat tip to the Chicago flag worked in. Here’s a look at the pre-unveiling sketch and what it looks like in person:

UIC’s moniker of the Flames is derived from an odd origin: It adopted the name following the Great Chicago Fire. The program’s arena names stay on brand with it, too. For instance, here’s a sampling of some of its arena names: Flames Athletic Center; Flames Natatorium; and Flames Outdoor Tennis Courts.

Its mascot name? You guessed it: Sparky. And its fight song, of course, is “Fire Up Flames,” which is fitting because the new basketball court is absolutely fire. Here’s how Twitter reacted to the new unveiling.

UIC faces Illinois Wesleyan in an exhibition game Thursday night, and smart money is on UIC to — you guessed it — torch the Titans on their new court.

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