Vaughan defends 'character' Kohli after mocking Barmy Army

Michael Vaughan defends ‘amazing character’ Virat Kohli after the India captain mocked Barmy Army with trumpet gesture during fourth Test win over England… with captain criticised for ‘unsportsmanlike’ behaviour

  • India captain Virat Kohli came under fire for trumpet gesture in win over England 
  • His dig at the Barmy Army earned him criticism from fans and figures in cricket 
  • Some called it ‘unsportsmanlike’ and ‘not a good look’ for the 32-year-old
  • But ex-England star Michael Vaughan hailed Kohli as an ‘amazing character’

Michael Vaughan leapt to the defence of Virat Kohli after India’s captain came under fire for mocking the Barmy Army with a trumpet gesture as his side beat England in their fourth Test at the Oval on Monday.

The men in blue took a 2-1 lead in the series, winning by 157 runs thanks to the heroics of Jaspit Bumrah and a century from Rohit Sharma and towards the end of their victory, Kohli celebrated a wicket by taunting the England fans.

He used both of his hands to mimic a trumpet – the instrument associated with the Barmy Army and famously played at matches by Billy Cooper – as he enjoyed winding up fans, but was criticised by some for ‘unsportsmanlike behaviour’.

Virat Kohli came in for criticism for mocking the Barmy Army during India’s fourth Test win over England with a trumpet gesture

The instrument is associated with the England fans group and often seen being played by a trumpeter at major games

But former England cricketer Vaughan saw no issue with Kohli’s actions and said the game was in need of more ‘characters’ as he hailed him as ‘an incredible leader’ with ‘a buzz of energy’. 

‘Virat Kohli is an incredible leader,’ he told Fox Sports. 

‘He’s just got this buzz of energy. He was taking the p*ss out of the Barmy Army we these trumpet signs,’ Vaughan said.

‘I love it. We don’t have enough characters in the game and mimicking the crowd, trying to get his own supporters going. When they came out after lunch he was getting them going. 

Former England cricket star Michael Vaughan leapt to his defence after he was criticised  

He said the game needed more characters like Kohli and said he had a ‘buzz of energy’

‘It was like he was at the end of the long jump in the Olympics trying to get the crowd going. He’s an amazing character and yesterday he gave a tactical masterclass on how to win a Test match.’

The Barmy Army had taken a lighthearted view to Kohli’s trolling, teasing him with a post reading: ‘Yes we know you want to be in the army Virat. We get the hint’.

Another former England star Nick Compton, responding to Sportmail’s Lawrence Booth in a post about the gesture, admitted it ‘doesn’t look good for him’.

One fan called Kohli ‘the most unsportsmanlike player of all time’ after his taunt, but India fans delighted in his behaviour to successfully provoke an angry response.

‘Kohli destroyed barmy army with just one gesture,’ wrote one supporter, while another wrote: ‘Love Virat Kohli. Real passion merchant. Doesn’t miss a trick in the field, still finds time to taunt the England fans.’ 

Speaking after India’s victory, Kohli said the team were happy to prove people wrong and said it was just as special as their second Test win at Lord’s.

‘We’ve shown time and time again that we are a top side,’ Kohli told the BBC. ‘That’s because of the belief and the passion that we have in this group.

‘A lot of people after Leeds really stood up and said, “will India be able to come back?”

‘This win is as special as Lord’s, if not more. This group of players, they just want to win, to win badly and find ways to win. That’s a real hallmark of our side.’

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